Star Wars – Obi Wan – A New Hope – Style Lightsaber

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This an Extremely high quality saber with;


  • Brushed aluminum Hilt
  • Combination Composite Plastic Chamber Zone
  • Full Scale Size 12″ Hilt+ 36″ blade (47.5″ with blade installed)
  • Removable Blade
  • USB Rechargeable internal Battery
  • Super Bright LED
  • Included Display Stand (style may vary)
  • LED Lit Activator
  • Super High Quality Sound
  • Extreme FX Motion and Clashing Sounds (Very High Quality)



These are Cosplay sabers with removable blades, but are also capable of withstanding dueling without breaking LED’s like in the Ultimate FX series.
They come with an Acrylic display stand as well. You can display with or without the blade!

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